Awards & Accolades

Joint Winner, Kirkus Best Picture Books of 2020 That Celebrate Family

Blue Spruce Award Nominee, Ontario Library Association, 2020

Joint Winner, CBC Best Canadian Picture Books of 2020

Shortlist, Metatron Prize for Rising Authors, 2016


with Mr. Orlando at CBC Kids

Anti-Interview, Thalamus Magazine, 2023

Interview, Canthius, 2022

Because We Want to Feel: Chatting with Gabrielle Marceau, Sennah Yee, and Kay Evans-Stocks, Peach Mag, 2022

Sennah Yee’s debut children's book My Day With Gong Gong is a love letter to Chinatown and her grandpa, CBC Books, 2022

Brands are cashing in on Lunar New Year — and working with Asian-Canadian creatives is key, CBC, 2022

Sennah Yee’s My Day With Gong Gong Beautifully Captures the Nuances of Intergenerational Relationships, The RepresentASIAN Project, 2020

Celebrating Canadians: In Conversation with Dane Swan, Sennah Yee, and NASRA, Arc Poetry Magazine newsletter, 2020

Interview with My Day With Gong Gong Creators, Asia Pacific Arts, 2020

Interview, Savoir Care, 2019

Interview, Shondaland, 2018

The ÄLPHÄ Interview, Metatron Press, 2018

In Conversation with Guillaume Morissette, Hobart, 2018

12 or 20 (second series) questions, rob mclennan blog, 2017

Interview, Speaking of Marvels, 2016

Praise for My Day with Gong Gong

“Through adorable illustrations effused with humor and warmth, this portrait of intergenerational affection is also a tribute to life in Chinatown neighborhoods . . . A multilayered, endearing treasure of a day.”
Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

“A gentle, resonant portrayal of the way love can overcome language barriers.”
Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

23 books for kids and young adults to celebrate Asian Heritage Month in Canada
CBC Books

Recommended Reading
Writer’s Trust Amplified Voices

“Sennah Yee writes the story in simple, accessible language that’s nonetheless musical and fun to say out loud, allowing readers and listeners a chance to explore the sounds and shapes of different words, and the way they fit together like notes in a song.”
Quill & Quire

“Featuring a winsome pair, this is a wonderful, sympathetic story, and the bonus is a small glossary of Cantonese words.”
School Library Journal

“Yee has written an uplifting story about how patience and kindness can encourage the coming together of diverse generations and cultures.”
Canadian Children’s Book News

“A heartfelt story that gets to the core of cultural and language gaps within multi-generational immigrant homes.”
Mochi Magazine

“Yee captures intergenerational love and understanding.”
Butler Children’s Literature Center

Page Turners: These Books for Children Highlight the Asian-American Experience

Praise for How Do I Look?

“In Yee’s poetry, whole worlds, multiple worlds, can live in just a few sentences, and countless people and histories can exist within one person’s body. It almost makes reading full novels feel silly when you can live a whole life in just one of Yee’s paragraphs.”

“Sennah Yee has written a book full of wit and fire. This is a work to read and reread. The individual pieces build on each other to reveal the fractured self beneath and the ways the Western world fractures people who “look like Mulan.” A fierce new literary voice. Don’t miss this one.”
Matthew Salesses, author of Craft in the Real World

Your ultimate Canadian poetry list
CBC Books

“A poetry that can best be described as Seidel meets Bashō, meets an Instapoet.”
Montreal Review of Books

“To read Yee’s poetry feels intimate. In small vignettes written in prose poetry, it captures what it means to live in a body that is distorted by the tensions of visibility and invisibility.”
Broken Pencil Magazine

“A naked collection of poems that shamelessly enters an identity drawn through popular culture, love and everyday racism.” (translated from Spanish)

“A quietly radical book, relentless in its unveiling of how pain is wrapped up in representation and visibility, and in its search for healing and freedom.”
Winter Tangerine Review

Contemporary Writers Redefining Poetry in Canada
Nuvo Magazine

“Yee’s poems are the literary versions of ‘ear worms’ – like catchy chorus lines you can’t get out of your head.”
She Does The City

How Do I Look? is a thrilling debut that takes the pulse of some of the most toxic silent killers that face young women today.”
The Daily Public

“When I read How Do I Look?, I feel a bridge between the lonely teenager I was then and the lonely adult I am now [...]”
Palette Poetry

“She bares her soul to empower women and shed light on the Asian-Canadian experience.”
Acta Victoriana

“Sennah Yee’s How Do I Look? is a selfie through a webcam in the compact mirror tossed over the shoulder of a nightswimmer into a suburban chlorine pool. These poems are the hit radio lyrics that roll around in the mind before falling asleep, the silently crafted love poems for an unrequited crush written on a blog saved in drafts, the emails sent to one’s future self opened at a karaoke bar years later in another country. How Do I Look? made me look back and get home safe. I look in the rear view mirror to find flowers growing out of me.”
Stacey Tran, author of Soap for the Dogs

“At first glance, it might not seem as if How Do I Look? is about survival. But in each of these brief vignettes, Sennah Yee is tested over & over again by white supremacy, racism, fetishization, heteronormativity & all the other worst parts of Western culture that constantly deluge the screens & scenes of our upbringing. And yet, Sennah Yee survives every microaggression. Sennah Yee has teflon in her blood & How Do I Look? is sparkling sunset over Liberty City & absolute proof that she is bulletproof.”
Orchid Cugini, author of I’m Just Happy To Be Here

“Irreverent and goofy and artful and specific” 
Books Beyond Binaries

“smart, wonderfully playful, precise and straightforward”
rob mclennan