Chapbook cover for Deep Web. A painting of a woman with her hands on her chin as she looks at a sunset on her computer screen. Text: Written by Sennah Yee, Illustrations by Charlotte Mei.
“There’s surfing, there’s lurking, and then there’s accidentally watching your crush’s boyfriend’s ex’s new boyfriend’s Instagram story. They’re eating Italian by candlelight somewhere downtown. You remember the restaurant name for later.”

Deep Web
The Vault by With/out Pretend, 2019 | Flash Fiction
Art by Charlotte Mei

These stories will seem strangely familiar; from intimately following a crush online, to reading your tweets as though they weren’t your own, Sennah Yee explores something bleak and lonely in today’s online world through her latest collection, Deep Web.

Chapbook cover for The by Sennah Yee. A forest with leaves on the ground.

“There’s something about driving in the city by the water at night, something about the smog and the sea.”

Dancing Girl Press, 2017 | Flash Fiction
Photos by Victoria Long

A couple falls in and out of love in L.A.

Chapbook cover for The Aquarium by Sennah Yee. A blue textured surface that looks like waves.

“I woke up one morning to Father pouring the aquarium onto the front lawn. We were going on vacation and had no one willing to take care of it.”

The Aquarium
Dancing Girl Press, 2014 | Flash Fiction
Photos by Victoria Long

A couple falls out of love while on vacation.

“Sennah Yee blends poetry and narrative to tell riveting stories about family and loss. Even if your greeting card-ees don’t read poetry, they’ll find this collection accessible and wonder-filled.”
12 Chapbooks That Make Excellent Greeting CardsBustle, 2014